Malin Constructions is a successful boutique construction firm specialising in mid size - large projects both residential and commercial. We are driven by attention to detail and we understand that starting a project from scratch or adding to an existing building, whether a house, an apartment block or a multi-story development is a personal journey for all our clients. We take great pride in not only delivering an outstanding end result, with our collaborative approach we work closely with our clients each step of the way to ensure a smooth and rewarding process. We don’t just want a product to look good we want it to be built with the finest quality craftsmanship which will withstand both the elements and the test of time. How do we do this? Our engagement process takes our clients through each element in their project. We tailor project plans for each job that include stops and checks throughout the build that start from the initial drawings and end post handover. We use the finest quality workers those that are at the top of their skill level for their industry.